Welcome to the Rainbow Punk's website !

You can follow me on Ko-fi if you're interested in One Piece fanart uwu

What there will be here ?

I'm a little punk anarchist who loves music, drawing, reading, nature and daydreaming about fucking the system. I hope to bring content about those topics here, surely with a linkroll to my favourite ressources. Share the music I love, the golden pieces I've found, some recipes and 'DIY' maybe... We'll see what this place becomes !

Who are you Rainbow Girl ?

Just like I said a few lines before, I'm a little punk anarchist, who's also queer and loves to draw. I draw and share my art under the pseudo "Zorume". You can find me on Ko-fi, Mastodon and Artfol (for the cool not big corporations platforms) as well as Twitter or Tumblr (kss ksss I'll get outta here someday). But here I chose to be the Rainbow Girl. Anoter pseudo I've never really used, but always liked. I've always loved rainbows. Even before discovering I was queer. I just want to paint rainbows everywhere, ya know. And I feel it feels nice to have this pseudo for a more punk anarchy wesbites.
Other informations : she/her pronouns with either neutral or feminine speech (I'm agender), I'm 25 years old in 2021, and I'm french.

21 January 2022

Wow 2022 is already here ! I haven't forgotten about this website. I'm currently quite focused on writing my One Piece self-insert fanfiction, and I'm doing good :) I'm actually wondering if this website won't become an interactive reading of my fanfiction, with art & music and more customisation than AO3 ? Maybe ? I don't know. Otherwise, I'm doing better in my life. Taking meds for dat fuckin depression, reading again, becoming a Hopepunk !

16 October 2021

Added 2 new playlist to Music page. Hope to add some new stuff soon !

27 September 2021

Added playlists in the Music page woop woop ! I did them with Spotify, but someday I'll move out of this platform as well and find a way to share my playlist with an open-source/community-driven platform.

16 september 2021

I added a Music and an About Me pages ! Music page is empty for now. About the Punk has a little identity card and will be updated soon with more content. I used to code in HTML and CSS for my RPG forum 10 years ago, what a pleasure it is to come back to this ♥ I have such a great time it's phenomenal ! So the website should keep on improving and be updated these next weeks, as it keeps me motivated uwu. I'm glad I started this adventure, I'm tired of mainstream social medias and find all your websites on NeoCities hella great !